We mainly provide investment advice to institutions and private clients, stockbroking, advisory and discretionary portfolio management, research and nominee services. 

Financial Advice

We believe that investment services should reflect not only the constant change in world markets, but also the fact that the clients needs and financial profiles evolve over time. We strive to provide a personal, bespoke service, keeping in regular contact with the client to ensure that the clients’ circumstances and objectives are acknowledged. This approach enables us to achieve the best results for the clients whilst keeping them informed and remaining available by offering free portfolio review services.


Investment objectives can be broadly summarized as follows:

• Income

• Capital growth

• A balance of income and growth


Although we keep these objectives in mind, individual portfolios are carefully structured to cater for and suit the different individual requirements. 



We provide both execution only  and advisory services, to trade shares and bonds on the Malta Stock Exchange as well as on Internationally Recognised Investment Exchanges, where besides bonds and shares one can also deal in Exchange Traded Funds and selected Funds.

Corporate Finance

We combine our broad knowledge and technical expertise to assist companies achieve their strategic objectives through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), debt raising, refinancing, acquisitions or divestments. Clients benefit from our specialist support and extensive experience in listing bonds and equity on the Malta Stock Exchange.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service has been tailor-made for those clients who are not in a position to manage their investments by themselves but in the meantime they want to make sure that their capital is in good hands. 

In close consultation, the investment objectives, expectations on returns and attitude towards risk of the client are established which then determines the risk profile and management style to be adopted. On the basis of this, an appropriate portfolio will be selected and managed in line with the established criteria. All buy-sell decisions will be made by your manager while keeping you informed with regular updates and valuations. 


Nominee Services

Market Research

Our internal research is fundamental to all our investment advice and decisions given to our clients. We closely follow and monitor local and international market developments.  Our research is supported by the Reuters service and we make use of reports and news provided to us by larger research units through our foreign collaborators.

Online Services

At the comfort of their home or office, our clients have secure access to view the latest market news and financial information via our website. Portfolio valuations are available online on a quarterly basis and in real-time and also offered via email and ordinary mail annually or on request, free of charge.

Brooks Macdonald Representative

MZ Investment Services Limited also advises and manages the licensing, notification and listing requirements in Malta of internationally registered investment funds.

Brooks Macdonald, a London-listed investment firm, has been providing award-winning wealth and fund management services to private individuals, intermediaries and corporates for 30 years. A robust central investment process, strong governance coupled with peer-group leading performance has seen discretionary funds grow to £14.5bn under Management.  On 30 November 2020, Brooks Macdonald Group plc, acquired the Lloyds international investment and funds business.

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